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In the beginning

Apple released the new iPad in March 2012 and the internet called out for a way to give it beautiful, retina-quality wallpapers. We answered with 2048px.com.


The original 2048px.com was a smash hit around the world, garnering over 800 articles and blog posts. But our work was not done. We listened to all the wonderful feedback from our visitors and have returned with 2048pixels 2.0, featuring the incredible new Homescreen FX.

This surprisingly simple tool allows you to customize any 2048pixels retina wallpaper with effects and textures to make it fit right at home on your new iPad and iPad mini. Tap to add effects, swipe the slider adjust them, preview your results in real-time, and a simple tap instantly downloads your personalized wallpaper.

How to Download

  • Tap any wallpaper to open its page with the artist’s link and information, as well as buttons to share and download
  • Tap the Homescreen FX button to begin customizing the artwork to fit your style
  • Tap the artwork itself to open the full 2048 x 2048 pixel version
  • To save the artwork to your iPad, tap and hold on it and choose “Save Image,” which will place it in the Camera Roll on your iPad

On a desktop computer? Follow the same instructions, and when you click the artwork, your browser will save it to your downloads folder. From there you can add it any tool you use to save images to your iPad.

Keep Your iPad Stylish

We constantly stock 2048pixels’s shelves with new artist submissions. If you just can’t collect enough, follow the 2048px.com RSS feed to see our latest submissions.

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User Terms and Conditions

By downloading designs from 2048pixels you agree to the following terms. The images are distributed as freeware and are available for personal use only on your iPad. Any use of these designs for any purpose other than this is a violation of these terms and anyone found using said designs will be asked to discontinue use immediately.


KaL has been a professional graphic artist & visual designer for over 10 years. He is known to create unforgettable UI & strives for pixel perfection.

Joe is a Rapidweaver and Mac developer with over 12 years of consulting experience traveling the world helping Fortune 500 companies.